The Wizard of Twitter

I just finished watching “The Wizard of Oz” with my kids.  What a delight!  There is so much to like about this classic, but it got me thinking about Twitter and of course more than just Twitter, about people in general.

People tend to be motivated by one of the three things that Dorothy’s friends so longed for.  The Scarecrow was motivated by truth, testified to by his musical lament “If I Only Had a Brain”.  The Tin-Man was in need of a heart and demonstrated the second great motivation, love.  And finally the Lion thought that if he could only find courage then he would really be king of the forest.  The Lion was motivated by power.

On Twitter there will always be some people for whom the main reason they are there is to find or disseminate information.  These are the Scarecrows.  For others, information is all well and good but what really keeps them tweeting are the relationships!  They are the Tin-men (and women!)  And finally there are some who Tweet because they want to make a difference.  They might be championing a cause, pushing an agenda, or trying to sell you something but they are all Lions.

So which one are you?

  • Scarecrow – You use Twitter primarily to discover what is happening, get the latest news first, and to share your knowledge with others.
  • Tin-Man – You use Twitter primarily to connect with interesting people and are really here for the relationships.
  • Lion – You use Twitter primarily to make a difference and your main object is to see results.

I am a Lion through and through!  I have a great respect for truth, and am trying to grow in love but the reason that I am excited about Twitter is because there is potential to involve hundreds of people in helping trauma children around the world.

The real challenge comes as all of us try to travel this wonderful Twitter-brick road together.  If we argue about which is the correct way to travel the road the Wicked Witch will get us for sure!  But if we can work together like Dorothy and her friends and each help the other find what they are looking for, we will discover that we have what we wanted as well.

So which one are you?  Scarecrow, Tin-Man or Lion?



  1. Hi, one of my fav. movies, so I understand the concept. I would be a cross between the scarecrow and the lion.
    Please let me know if I can help you.
    Your work is fabulous, thanks so much!

    Leesa Astredo
    .-= Leesa Astredo´s last blog ..Donate to Bresma Orphanage in Haiti =-.

  2. Belinda says:

    The Wizard of Oz is such a great film! Interesting to think about why we tweet. I’d be a mixture of all three. All the best with your mission to help the children. :)

  3. Thanks for the comments Heather, Tammy and Kerry – hope it inspired you!

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  5. Kerry Rego says:

    I see characteristics in all of them that remind me of myself but truly I am a scarecrow. I want to know, learn, and grow. Great associations!

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  7. WOW great blog! Almost all my followers and those I follow are Lions! That is the only reason I use twitter. And I have found so many caring people who like yourself is doing amazing things to help those in need of our love and support around the world! Keep Up your awesome work and tweets I enjoy reading them all! Tammy :)

  8. heather says:

    I’m all three! Wonderful post :)

  9. Anne Fulmer says:

    What a great post to get us all thinking! I embody all 3, but actually I am doubly a lion! I have a passion to help all around me be as well as I am, and am especially passionate about children and what I can do to help. But…I’m also a Leo, so Lion is just in my nature, lol. Thanks again and I’m so enjoying following you and your thoughts. Anne aka/@WealthOfHealth

  10. Dorothy! : )

    Thanks Anne for the comment – labels are really only helpful in that we understand that there is always a mix. But starting to think about who we are and why others are different is better than complaining about those who approach it differently.

  11. Anne Sauve says:

    Great analogy and analysis. I think I’m a cross between a Scarecrow and a Lion, although I think I’m more of a Scarecrow. Thanks for getting me to think about this!

  12. Summerbreeze says:

    I want to be Dorothy! :D

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  16. ZnaTrainer says:

    Thank you.

    Your points are profoundly pivotal.

    A plethora of gifts you share make an
    impact with your own lion’s heart and
    courage. This difference means much to
    me, many millions. Record results RESULT!

    Your blog embodies your own daring~DESIRE
    definitively designing destiny~dreams to
    come true for you, and for all whom you
    reach in this blog and in your Twitter
    stream. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

    For all reading this, it is my pleasure,
    my honor, to serve, lift, help, and share
    my best with you. Learning from each of
    you, with all your own very amazing gifts,
    is a pleasure and treasure, a thrilling new
    adventure. My hope is to always be the friend you will always trust, share, and
    help you with your best dreams coming true.

    Your forever “follow” friend,

    Zna AKA @ZnaTrainer

  17. mark jones says:

    RT @Twitter_Tips: Wizard of Oz Personality Types—Which are you on Twitter: Scarecrow, Tin-Man or Lion?

  18. "As we travel thisTwitter-brick road together" The Tin-Man question by @operationSAFE

  19. writepro says:

    Such interesting analogies on humanity. If I were staunch as one, it would be the Lion, which was well put, as I too have a deep abiding “respect for the truth, and I am, I think growing in love, and sharing that on my show, but the reason that I am impressesed with Twitter is because it does have that potential to reach and involve millions of people in new searches for ideas, while actually making some of those millions, actual friends.
    It’s true what you bring, you give away and on this yellow brick road, we all find the wizard of our choice.
    Let’s hope yours are good ones.
    That last was the Tin Man in me. lol

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  21. nancy says:

    I think I’m a combo of all three with a heavy leaning to Lion.

  22. Catherine says:

    Great post Jonathan! Lioness I am!

  23. I think I know a lot of Lions! Thanks Peter, Blake and Wayne

  24. I think I am definitely involved with Twitter as a Lion

  25. Blake Parker says:

    Good Blog, Good Comments! –Blake ( Good Thoughts – Good Words – Good Deeds )

  26. Peter Horn
    Twitter: AhhPhotography

    Great blog entry.

    I represent The Lollipop Guild. No, actually, I am the Wizard. While I may project something else, once I am brought outside the curtain, I can help you find what (or really, Who) you already have available to you to be who you truly are.

    That’s a truly great thought provoking blog post!

  27. Really think most people are a mix of all three but with a predisposition for one. Knowing which one you are and working at a balance with the others will allow you to relate to a much wider audience.

  28. syphil says:

    Hello Jonathan….
    First, I’ll say that the world would be a better place if it had more people like you in it….
    Now what am I?
    Honestly? I would be like “If I Only Had a Brain” but also “If I Only Had a Heart”
    I know I got both,LOL and I think I am a mix of the 3 with a predominance for the Scarecrow.
    Plenty of love your way,

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  31. Julie Cavanagh says:

    Hi Jonathan

    Thanks for the amazing blog! Keep up the great work!

    How about being a Tin-Man with a heart of a Lion? I am meeting and getting to know amazing people on Twitter all because I am championing my cause, and I am developing amazing relationships with them … lol…

    But if I had to choose just one, I would say I am a Lion.

    It’s all about the Children & raising awareness of Human Trafficking for me. They are made to be loved, not bought and sold!

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    RT @Twitter_Tips: The Wizard of Oz Personality Types—Which are you on Twitter: Scarecrow, Tin-Man or Lion?

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    @DaOne20 The Wizard of Oz Personality Types—Which are you on Twitter: Scarecrow, Tin-Man or Lion? (via @Twitter_Tips )

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    The Wizard of Twitter "Are you a scarecrow, tin-man or lion?" /@operationSAFE

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