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Child Psychological First-Aid Training in Nepal

The first step in providing hugs, help and hope for the children of Nepal’s earthquake disaster has been accomplished. Training of Trainers (TOT) has been held in the capital Kathmandu and in the district of Nuwakot with dozens of local churches and ministries through our partners OM and CarNet Nepal. Both of these organizations have a long history of helping the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable. Dozens of camps have been planned for this summer for thousands of children. You can support children to receive psychological first-aid by giving today. We need your help!

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OperationSAFE Part of Historic Plan for North Korea

CRASH Japan’s child trauma program OperationSAFE joined twenty-six organizations in Seoul to collaborate to explore rescue plans for North Korea SEOUL, Korea (October 23, 2014) — A consultation initiated by Cornerstone Ministries International with 26 other ministry organizations resulted in several core values established for delivering the Gospel to North Korea: “Servanthood,” “Faithfulness,” and “Management by Obedience to God.” This… Read more →

Child Trauma Teams Trained in Three Provinces in the Philippines

CRASH Japan Director Jonathan Wilson traveled in November to three islands in the Philippines to conduct OperationSAFE child trauma trainings for local churches and organizations. The trip expanded the successful work of the first year after Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan internationally) further on the island of Samar and to new areas in Leyte and Cebu.

OperationSAFE trains people from the local community in emotional first-aid for children. The intervention builds up the entire community by not only instilling trauma resiliency principles in children but also in youth, teachers and caregivers who will continue to be there for the children long after outside help has left.

OperationSAFE Philippines Haiyan Report

During the months of April and May 2014, nine OperationSAFE camps were held in Eastern Samar, Philippines providing psychosocial support for 895 children.  Together with the first camp held earlier in Quinapondan the total number of children attending has been 1,077. Five camps were held in April and another four camps were conducted in May in six municipalities; Balangkayan, Quinapondan, Hernani,… Read more →

Easter Program at Seaside Church in Sendai, Japan

Sharing the Hope of Easter with Children Over the last three years OperationSAFE has held more than 20 child trauma camps in response to the 3.11 disaster in Tokyo, Fukushima, Ibaragi, Miyagi and Nagano with over 650 children affected by the tsunami and evacuated from the explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Station.  Our philosophy is to work with local… Read more →

Let’s Help 1000 Children!

In April and May We are Going to Help 1000 Children Recover from Trauma in the Philippines! Recovering from disaster is hard enough for adults, can you imagine what it can feel like for a child? Research shows that untreated childhood trauma leads to a higher risk of social, neuropsychiatric and other medical problems. Yet most of the children affected… Read more →

Testimony from Dr. Jojie Ilagan: Quinapondan Child Trauma Camp

I began to feel the shivers inside me as I started to picture in my mind how I will be able to deliver “Pete’s Adventure” with his friends, using Pilipino language to relate to 200 children and crew leaders who are mostly using the Visayan (Waray) dialect.  In the two weeks prior to our departure, I was really struggling inside… Read more →

Healing the Healers: Training Child Trauma in Samar

As I arrived at the resort hotel in Western Samar, I was greeted by smiles of young people barely older than the children we were training them to serve.  These youth were ecstatic to stay in the beautiful hotel, swim in the pool and  sleep in real beds after living in tents for months.  You see they were from Eastern… Read more →