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Internally Displaced People (IDP) and OpSAFE Camps in Mindanao

Since May 23rd when the crisis began in Marawi, OperationSAFE has worked together with PCMN to bring psychological first-aid to close to 1,000 children. Click the red walkers to see the number of IDPs (Internally Displaced Person) in each of the communities surrounding the war zone. Click our blue OpSAFE markers to see where and when OperationSAFE camps have been… Read more →

Marawi Crisis, Mindanao, Philippines

OperationSAFE Camps in Iligan City

Child Psychological First-Aid Training in Nepal

The first step in providing hugs, help and hope for the children of Nepal’s earthquake disaster has been accomplished. Training of Trainers (TOT) has been held in the capital Kathmandu and in the district of Nuwakot with dozens of local churches and ministries through our partners OM and CarNet Nepal. Both of these organizations have a long history of helping the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable. Dozens of camps have been planned for this summer for thousands of children. You can support children to receive psychological first-aid by giving today. We need your help!

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Borongan, East Samar – Bato OpSAFE

Local churches and volunteers implement OperationSAFE camps in their areas and come up with unique solutions on their own. One of the best of these was a fun way to move hundreds of children around to different stations without chaos. After I saw them chanting, “Train, Train OpSAFE” I added it to our seminars in other cities!

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Train Train well, maybe a little chaos!

Typhoon Haiyan Child Trauma Response

OperationSAFE & Philippine Children’s Ministries Network After a disaster, some perform rescue operations, others open shelters, deliver food, clear rubble and help rebuild. We train workers to provide psychosocial care for children who have been through trauma. This emotional and spiritual care is vital to allow children to restart their lives as children once again. Give $30 to sponsor one… Read more →

OperationSAFE Child Trauma Field Manual (e-book)

This manual is an introduction to crisis intervention especially for use with children in the context of OperationSAFE child trauma camps. It is meant to give volunteers a basic understanding of crisis intervention, critical incident stress, PTSD, and how to apply interventions to children.Currently available as a e-book download at, iTunes Bookstore – Amazon Kindle – Read more →