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Internally Displaced People (IDP) and OpSAFE Camps in Mindanao

Since May 23rd when the crisis began in Marawi, OperationSAFE has worked together with PCMN to bring psychological first-aid to close to 1,000 children. Click the red walkers to see the number of IDPs (Internally Displaced Person) in each of the communities surrounding the war zone. Click our blue OpSAFE markers to see where and when OperationSAFE camps have been… Read more →

Marawi Crisis, Mindanao, Philippines

OperationSAFE Camps in Iligan City

Surigao City Earthquake Appeal – Mindanao, Philippines

At 10:03 p.m. on 10 February 2017, a 6.7-magnitude earthquake with a depth of ten kilometres and an epicenter located near Surigao City, Philippines caused loss of lives and damage to properties in the Caraga region, particularly in Surigao del Norte province. In 2016 OpSAFE International in partnership with the Philippine Children’s Ministry Network held a training of trainers in… Read more →

Borongan, East Samar – Bato OpSAFE

Local churches and volunteers implement OperationSAFE camps in their areas and come up with unique solutions on their own. One of the best of these was a fun way to move hundreds of children around to different stations without chaos. After I saw them chanting, “Train, Train OpSAFE” I added it to our seminars in other cities!

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Train Train well, maybe a little chaos!

Cebu Hosts OpSAFE Camps at Hidden Paradise

OpSAFE Philippines Coordinator Vhie Awa-ao Simultaneous conduct of OperationSafe Camp is ongoing thru Philippine Children’s Ministries Network partners: “Cebu City Alliance Church & Eastern Samar Children Advocacy Network” in Damolog, Sogod Cebu & Brgy. Bato, Borongan, Eastern Samar the whole month of May. Around 450 children are being trained towards Building Resiliency among children in most disaster prone area. We are… Read more →

Typhoon Ruby – OperationSAFE camp in Alugan, San Policarpo, Eastern Samar

OPSAFE ALUGAN San Policarpo Eastern Samar was held from May 5-7, 2015 through a collaboration between the Philippine Children’s Ministry Network, Viva and OpSAFE International.

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Camp Director Emmanuel Jasojaso writes, “Its almost 5 months since Super typhoon Ruby hit Eastern Samar specifically Alugan, San Policarpo, yet the residents specially the children were still in trauma.   One of the children said that OPSAFE really uplift their morale through various activities specially PETE’S Adventure. Even the parents were testifying that they were so thankful to God that OPSAFE was held in their community.

Testimony from Dr. Jojie Ilagan: Quinapondan Child Trauma Camp

I began to feel the shivers inside me as I started to picture in my mind how I will be able to deliver “Pete’s Adventure” with his friends, using Pilipino language to relate to 200 children and crew leaders who are mostly using the Visayan (Waray) dialect.  In the two weeks prior to our departure, I was really struggling inside… Read more →

Healing the Healers: Training Child Trauma in Samar

As I arrived at the resort hotel in Western Samar, I was greeted by smiles of young people barely older than the children we were training them to serve.  These youth were ecstatic to stay in the beautiful hotel, swim in the pool and  sleep in real beds after living in tents for months.  You see they were from Eastern… Read more →