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OperationSAFE: Haiti ~ Helping Children With Trauma

Helping Children in Haiti with Trauma UPDATE! You can sponsor our volunteer OperationSAFE trainers for $6 an hour. We need sponsors for 1000 hours. Please sponsor today! Beginning in March, OperationSAFE will start bringing smiles back to the children of Haiti who have suffered so much in the recent earthquake.  Children who have experienced trauma need more than just food,… Read more →

Help Trauma Children by Doing What You Love To Do On Twitter

Last month I shared some thoughts about how people use Twitter according to their personality types and used the Wizard of Oz as an example of three basic types – The Scarecrows, who are information-centric and primarily use Twitter to discover what is happening, get the latest news, and to share knowledge, The Tin-Men (and women!), who are relationship-focussed and… Read more →

The Wizard of Twitter

I just finished watching “The Wizard of Oz” with my kids.  What a delight!  There is so much to like about this classic, but it got me thinking about Twitter and of course more than just Twitter, about people in general. People tend to be motivated by one of the three things that Dorothy’s friends so longed for.  The Scarecrow… Read more →