Fund Drive for Pritam, a Nepalese Boy with Hydrocephalus


Romi Tandukar of Ambassador Football Nepal was the camp director of OpSAFE held in July in Sindhupalchowk Nepal. She shared with us the special needs of a young boy who was unable to attend the camp because of his physical condition.

“The boy seated in a chair is Pritam Tamang. He is 8 years old and beside him is his younger brother holding a gift in his hand. They live in Arubot, Kalleri VDC of Chautara, Sindhupalchowk. This is about 2.5 hours from Kathmandu.

We had an opportunity to meet this beautiful child during OperationSAFE trauma relief camp on 25 July to 29 July. He is a very special child who attends nursery in Kalleri Lower Secondary School where our camp was held. He loves to play like other friends, run around but he is not able to due to his illness. He sings well, has a good appetite. We wanted to help him so had taken a few pictures. We later came to know of the disease as Hydrocephalus after sharing with friends and prayer partners. He lives with his parents and his other 5 siblings. They have a poor economic condition and his parents have to work daily for their everyday meal.

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The school which he attends is destroyed, the village he lives in is also destroyed, not one house is in good condition. They live in a ‘tahara’ a small shelter built out of tin sheets. He has blisters in his hand and foot. He has blisters in his hands and legs partly because he wishes to run and play like others. Sometimes while going back home he slides with the help of his hand to run downwards. He can barely stand and cannot walk for a minute too.

He is a beautiful child who deserves to have a normal life like other children given proper treatment in time. Therefore it is our effort to help this child have a better future. Your small contribution towards his treatment will add value to his life and will be highly appreciated.

OpSAFE International is collecting funds for a shunt to be placed in Pritam’s head to drain the fluid that is building up and causing the head to enlarge. If this operation is not made soon his brain is likely to be damaged. Untreated, the disease will lead fatality. Please give immediately and mark your donation for Pritam.

UPDATE 8/11 A neurosurgeon in Kathmandu has agreed to perform the operation that Pritam needs free of charge. Praise the Lord! We have raised enough money to cover the tests and medicines and transportation for Pritam and his family, but there will still be expenses for follow-up care. Please continue to give to help Pritam.

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