Project “Fear Not”

Anti-COVID19 Information for Children

OpSAFE International’s mission is to provide psychological first-aid for children training for local volunteers responding to the needs of children in crisis. We regularly help thousands of children in the aftermath of human and man-made disasters. However, 2020 is different as we have had to close interventions for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and children displaced by conflict because of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Usually we help children overcome their fears and stress by bringing all the children of the community together and spending a week laughing, playing, learning, and making relationships with local children and volunteers who can become a source of lasting support. In the absence of being able to gather the children together we have started Project “Fear Not”. This set of nine easily shared or posted graphics combines the five psychological first-aid for children themes with COVID19 hygiene messages. OpSAFE trainees from all over the world have been sharing their talents to bring this project to life.

@DharmaLeeK is a illustrator from Bali, Indonesia where we trained volunteers to work with refugee children back in 2013. Sayaka Okafuji is a student in Japan who is bringing her design skills into the project to layout each translation. Rie Wilson is a psychologist specializing in child trauma and cofounder of OpSAFE International with director Jonathan Wilson.

We are adding languages and encourage sharing and using the resource widely to help children during this difficult time.

Language List

European Languages

  • English

Asian Languages

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